02 February 2006

Noch immer weider

I have 11 repeats of Adamas finished. Five more to go. And the rows get longer and longer.. I normally don't try to time myself, but with an approximately-30-minute commute, it's sometimes unavoidable. I can do two rows in the half hour it takes to go from work to home or vice versa. And because I'm a statistician, I can't, despite *really*REALLY* trying not to, not do the math to figure out that there are ten rows per repeat, or 50 rows left to go (plus the edging), which means I have another *12 and a half hours* of knitting time until I can expect to be finished.

And then I realize that that means it's taking me two and a half hours to do a repeat now and I think "That *can't* be right", except that with the hour in the car and the hour over lunch, and at least an hour at home, I realize it pr'bly really is. *mutters something about damn well better be appreciated*

I'm a little concerned that it's going to be smaller than I want because I'm not finished with the first skein and the pattern calls for 2. It's undoubted that I'll need at least some of the second skein, but certainly not all of it, nowhere near, in fact. I did, granted, use a size smaller needle (US 4 instead of US 5) because when I did Birch it was *huge* (I love it that way, don't get me wrong; just thought I'd try for more moderate for this one). And because it's knit middle out, I can't really pull it all out all the way to see how big it's getting to be. I can pull the middle down and it looks like it will be long enough, but not as long as my Birch. Here's hoping.

I'm ahead of schedule, all the same, so that's pr'bly okay. I have seven days until I need to start Fair Isle 101 for the Knitting Olympics and am still managing to get at least a full pattern repeat done each day, so if I keep up at at least that pace, I'll be finished no later than Monday or Tuesday. And with that silly football thing on Sunday, it's possible I'll be done even sooner. Which gives me most of next week to swatch. All good.

(I wonder if I can also get a pair of socks done..? Ohh.. nono.. spinning. I shall spin with the "spare" time. *makes note to figure out if one can ply on a drop spindle*)

Somewhere in my crazed little head is the idea of needing to do another of these (at least.. so far I've had requests for two more, but I'm not sure how serious the second one is). And a saner part of my little head says I need to find another pattern that starts at the long end and decreases to the point, like Birch. I'm definitely not likely the longer and longer rows at the *end*.

And the part of my head that likes to think it's sanest of all says, yeah right, maybe in June.

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