06 February 2006

Signs of Monday.

It's a Monday. This is how I know:

  • I woke up late. I thought it was 6:30, only to discover it was 7:30.

  • That meant I didn't get a chance to shower. Not that I needed to, having showered yesterday late afternoon after finishing Adamas* before heading out for the Super Bowl party, but I would have liked to have gotten a chance to wash the smoke from the half dozen smokers at said Super Bowl party out of my hair.

  • I forgot the coffee scoop at home, which means I had to guesstimate how much grounds to use to make my coffee.

  • In trying to be kind to my office plants, I remembered to water them this morning only to have the one on my filing cabinet by my desk tell me it was quite full already, thank you, and dribble water into a stack of files that undoubtedly contain the Question to Life the Universe and Everything, now smudged beyond recognition.

  • Due to various "this will only take a minute" tasks, it's after 10 and I'm just now getting my first cup of coffee. Here's hoping it's not too bloody strong. At least, I think here's hoping.

* Yes, it's finished and blocked and lovely. The left edge is folded under in the pictures and there's a funny not-laying-flat bit, but that's because I folded it to bring it into work to get pictures today while the bright sunshine is out. The third picture is the most color true, but it really doesn't capture the heatheryness of the yarn very well. I need to weave in the ends still, but otherwise it's ready to go in the mail.

In the end, I don't like it as much as my Birch, but that could very easily be because I knew not to get attached to it from the beginning because I wouldn't be keeping it.

And in answer to the question of what to knit during the Super Bowl, I settled on starting a pair of socks.

So far I rather like it. *smile* There will hopefully be a pair by the end of the week.

Tonight, hopefully, Rogue begins. Tomorrow I'll swatch for Fair Isle 101. And there's a C entry coming sometime in the next day or two as well.


mamacate said...

1. The shawl? Very, very beautiful. Congrats.

2. It's 42. Just remember that, and this whole job thing becomes a fair amount less important (or as I regularly try to tell one of my colleagues, "there's no such thing as an institutional research emergency."

3. Coffee too strong? No such thing. Especially in the face of those dreaded words "just take a minute" (almost equal to the horrifying "quick survey" or "just a focus group").

Hope your monday isn't any battier than mine is shaping up to be. ;)

PS: Thanks for sending the book back.

Miriam said...

It's beautiful! Did you like the pattern? Any suggestions? What yarn did you use?