26 February 2006

On the podium..

I'm not sure how technical the start and end times and definitions of complete are to be, but I think I qualify for a medal in the Knitting Olympics. I finished the knitting of Fair Isle 101 Friday in the car and attached the sleeves by midday Saturday.

I decided to try to block in the dryer with Dryel, but it effected absolutely no change in the evenness of the stitches, so I soaked it in mom's laundry room sink and laid it out (without pins) to dry on her cutting table.

The soaking seems to have evened things out quite satisfactorily, but I'm a little worried that is also stretched the sweater out so that it's going to be too big. :/ We'll see.

Mom's cutting table is in their basement, so it didn't dry overnight. That's where I'm not sure about the whole how-do-we-define-finished thing - it's still damp, so technically not finished blocking. But there's no additional action that needs to be taken to finish it, so I think it's pr'bly close enough.

In the meantime, I started another pair of socks, but haven't gotten that far on them. We had a wedding this weekend and were up too late and got up too early, so I slept in the car on the way home instead of knitting. Tomorrow is Rogue night, but I doubt I'll get very far on it as I need to let my hands rest some and also have to go to bed early so I can be on campus by 6 Tuesday morning.

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mamacate said...

Bravo, girl, you got a gold medal in my book! You even put sleeves on a vest for the olympics--I think you get artistic impression marks for that.

I've started rogueing myself so I guess we're knitting along! I know I'll be scattered about it, so who knows when I'll finish, but heck, it's all good.

Congrats on Olympic victory!