22 February 2006

Catching up..

Olympic knitting proceeds apace. I finished the first sleeve last night:

I knit it in the round to the point where the shaping for the sleeve cap started and then finished flat. If you look closely, you can tell where I switched (other than by noting where the decreases start) because my purl gauge doesn't match my knit gauge so the rows are a little uneven. I'm sure that blocking/the first tumble through with Dryel will even that out.

Still haven't blocked the body. I think I've decided to take mamacate's suggestion and weave in the ends and tighten up the seam first and then I may just run it through the dryer with Dryel to even things out. Yes, I know, I really should properly block it, but I'm still concerned that just soaking it and pinning it really won't even things out enough. In any case, I hope to try to get some of that finished tonight (though I have plans for much-needed drinks after work, so that may be all that gets done tonight).

I'm glad this one is almost finished though. While I normally do knit at least some most days, I'm finding that I have to knit a lot more regularly and for longer periods to keep up the pace I need to finish this sweater on time. If I weren't on the deadline, I would likely take another week or two to finish a sweater of this size and construction.

And, Monday was Rogue night! Yea! I think I might have overdone it a bit in trying to catch up to G, though as my hands and wrists are a bit sore today.

I have something like 20 rows left before I divide for front and back. I rather like it so far and really can't wait to finish it. Keeping it to just Monday nights after this week is going to be hard! Good thing I have at least three or four other projects I can start to keep me occupied the rest of the week.

And, as I expected, I did attach the pocket to the body this week and I really rather like how they did the pocket. I've never done a knit-in pocket before and I like how smooth it looks. I think if I were to do something like this again, I might make the pocket a little deeper (assuming I can figure out how to do it and keep it looking neat).


Liz said...

The Rogue looks good! Nice color! You are not too far behind me. My wrist was killing me on Tuesday! Wow. I think I did overdue it.
Maybe we should run through warm ups on Monday.

who? said...

who r u