18 February 2006

Baby otters!

It's a bright sunshiney day!

(The thermometer is notorious wrong - it gets direct sunlight on sunny days from the back so it's always high. The actually temperature here is a Minnesota-wintery 2 below zero and I'm told the windchill is supposed to be in the 20 below range.)

And the birds have finally found my feeders again (I neglected to fill them regularly for the last several months and was lamenting to my mother the other night that now that I was paying attention to them again, they were shunning me).

I have decide to spend today curled up in my comfy PJs with some coffee, a fuzzy blanket (handmade by Jess!), a little black pig curled up at my feet, watching the Olympics (cross country ski relay at the moment) and working on Fair Isle 101. I've reached the split for the front and back, so with the back stitches on some scratch yarn, today's the first time I've been able to uncrumple it enough to really check the size and see how the fair isle looks all spread out.

Size is good - a bit big, which means I'm likely to actually wear it comfortably. I notice the puckeriness less with it laid out like this, which gives me hope that blocking will, indeed, fix it.

The seam is still troublesome, though..

Goal for the weekend is to finish the body, which means the front gets finished today and the back tomorrow. At that point, the body gets blocked while I start working on the sleeves (tricksy, tricksy! I kept trying to figure out when next weekend I was going to be able to block once I got the sleeves finished since we'll be out of town for a wedding, and then it just occured to me that I can block the body while working on the sleeves! Clever knitter!) which will get finished Wednesday and Friday* if all goes to plan. That leaves Saturday and Sunday to attach sleeves and weave in ends. Eminently do-able. I think.

* This would be Tuesday and Thursday, but Monday is Rogue night and I don't want to fall behind! I think I should get to the part where I can attach the pocket to the body this week.


Cathy said...

Love the knitting - but where are the pix of the baby otters ;-)

Teej said...

where are the pix of the baby otters ;-)

Click the title of the post. ;P