30 January 2006


I came home today to not just one lovely (expected) package, but a second beautiful (and totally unexpected) package! Mamacate has surprised me with a Random Act of Kindness (RAOK) and sent me more of the gorgeous Shetland wool fleece she sent me to learn to spin with:

Isn't it beautiful!! I'm so excited. *bounce*


Okay, so the other package is exciting too as it contained the Merino Style yarn for my Fair Isle 101 for the Knitting Olympics (10 days! Swatching before then is okay, so sometime soon I'll swatch the colorwork pattern to see how it goes.):

The brown in the lower right corner will the main sweater color and the rest are more earthy-toned versions of the colors recommended in the chart and pattern. I think I'll really like the sweater once it's finished; we'll know for sure in a month!

I also decided that rather than buy more cheapy cotton socks to replace the ones I have that are wearing/worn out, I'm going to endeavor to make enough to wear knit ones all the time. So I got three 100 g skeins of Sinfonia cotton yarn to make socks with:

I'll need to find a pattern that has enough stretch and give to make the cotton not too tight, but still not too slouchy. Since these will be everyday socks and the yarn is variegated, I'm thinking a plain 2x2 rib with the rib running all the way down the foot will work nicely.

At the moment, though, it's gotta wait until I get the shawl finished. I have seven repeats finished and ten days left, so that means I have to do at least one repeat a day. That shouldn't be too hard. I'll knit through the State of the Union tomorrow, so that should be good for at least a full repeat, provided I don't make too many frustration-mistakes.

Oh, and as promised, a (slightly blurry) picture of the finished ladybug sweater:

Right then.. so what do I start on first..!? *bounce*

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mamacate said...

Yay! I'm glad to add to a nice post-office day. Aren't those great. My kids just love the mail carrier. :)

Enjoy. I hope you wind up with enough to make something fun.

Love the colors for your olympic project.