13 January 2006

Draft 1, finished!

Thankfully, the aforementioned grant proposal is short and relatively quick to throw together, so the first draft is now finished and out for comments. Whew!

To return to a topic from a few days ago, I'm about a quarter of the way into A Million Little Pieces which really is about rather severely broken people (as the title suggests). It's very good and captivating, but I have to put it down after every thirty or forty pages.. I was talking to someone who'd already finished it yesterday who mentioned that they just flew through it. I think the difference is that I can put faces on some of those characters; they're not abstractions. I know people who could easily be the people in this book. Not well, but I know (or knew them) well enough that it's a touch too close to the bone to poke at for very long at a time. And, well, we just won't talk about the whole bit about the dentist.. *shudder*

But the lovely soft gorgeous CashSoft socks are almost finished. I have half the foot left on the second one and it should get finished tonight. Whee! Warm soft socks as a reward for crunching out something on short notice! Then all I'll have on needles is the tank I'm making for me out of the cotton/silk stuff. I was trying to entertain the idea of making a Mickey Mouse baby blanket for my cousin-in-law, but I have had absolutely no luck finding an intarsia Mickey silhouette, so she may just get a little sweater with Mickey buttons or something. We'll see how motivated I get this weekend as the shower is next weekend.

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