04 January 2006

Lunch Special

I crunch numbers. It's what I *do*. I'm sometimes, ocassionally, asked for my opinion on what the numbers mean in a certain context. In those cases, I'm careful to couch my answer in neutral terms (unless I'm asked specifically not to, in which case I'm careful to couch my answers so that it's clear I'm looking from just one of many potential points of view). See, that way, I get to try to stay *out* of the campus political turmoil that seems to pervade everything, everywhere.

There are other folks like me on campus who do similarly non-decision-making, but decision-support type things. And when one of us gets sucked into said political turmoil, we tend to turn to each other for sympathy/support/advice/etc.

So today, I didn't get lunch (at least not yet and it's ten to three, so it's not looking likely at the moment) because one of my similarly situated counterparts got sucked into a nasty little vortex of campus politics and needed a sympathetic ear (and at times a tissue or two). I'm all about being the sympathetic ear - it's not like it happens often and she would (and has) done it for me. And it sucks. She's been put in the middle of something that has absolutely nothing to do with her, but because the people who should have done the right thing didn't, she's the one left with half-truths and puzzle pieces to try to figure out where to go next. Sucks.

But now I'm hungry. And I didn't get any knitting done like I wanted to (I finished the first sleeve last night on Jack's sweater and got three or four inches done on the second one and wanted to take advantage of the momentum). And did I mention I'm hungry?

I should have known today would be like this from the moment the tire went flat this morning. *sigh* I think I'll wander out and see if I can find a reasonably nutritious snack to bridge the gap until dinner.

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