12 January 2006

Bits and pieces.

First off, who can tell me more about this? Like, can I find it here and how unreasonably priced is it and (most importantly) is it any good..?

Second, for those who want to learn or those who might want to learn (and mostly for me so that I have it recorded somewhere so that I know how to find it again when *I* want to learn) Eunny has been doing an absolutely amazing photo tutorial on the different methods of steeking. Tomorrow is crocheted steeks!

Third, this little tidbit has somehow managed to skate along just under my radar for a bit. Gah! GAH! Just.. gah!

Fourth, I have to run away now and write a grant proposal that I found out about yesterday and is due at midnight on the 15th. Gotta love that!

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spaazlicious said...

Eeek, good luck!