07 November 2005

To Do.

Hrm. Things are picking up all over the place it seems. My to-do list this week includes:

* Handout on the history of hand-knitting. I have plenty of sources for this at the moment, including, thanks to the new East Kingdom Knitting Guild list, suggestions for "starter" projects for period knitting. I just need to find time and motivation at the same time to sit down and create the handout. I'm going for one-page, double-sided as I already have two other hand-outs with the basic learning to knit stuff I usually have when I teach beginning knitting. If I have to go to two pages, the "starter" projects will be on a separate page.

* Artisans Row blurb for the Boar's Head website. This will mostly be a tweak of the information in the invitation email, but I need to actually do it and get it sent to the autocrat for the webpage. And get it to Roz so she can get it up on the AR website.

* Figure out my schedule for Boar's Head so that I can ask people to "cover" Artisans Row during the times I'm teaching (which appears to be most of the middle portion of the day.. List Admin from 11-12, Knitting from 12-2); figure out who to ask to "cover" who can be there without taking them away from something else they'd like to do. This should be relatively easier to do as folks let me know that they'd like to participate at all.

* Create and route the New Freshmen Profile, Budget Sources, and Retention Rates Fact Sheets. Also should start working on the NSSE Fact Sheet series. Could be complicated by the 5 hours of meetings I already have on my calendar for tomorrow (and the additional 3.5 hours of meetings Wednesday).

* Pick up the SCA-related pictures for the last couple pages of the big wedding scrapbook (thank goodness for Snapfish's new partnership with Walgreens - I uploaded 9 pictures from various sources to the Snapfish site yesterday and they're ready at my local Walgreens for pick up today).

* Finish summer session cost-per-credit analysis. By rights, the hard part of this (data consolidation) is finished, so the rest should be pretty easy to finish this morning.

* Make signs or banners or something for Artisans Row. Banners might be hard on such short time, but maybe the weekend of Thanksgiving I can find time to put something together. Might have to email Shannon about how to maybe do them as silk-painted ones..

* Pack for AIRUM. This is complicated by the fact that the conference starts 9 a.m. Thursday and we have theatre tickets Wednesday night, so I have to pack Tuesday (that's tomorrow!) so I'll be ready to just walk out the door by 5:30 a.m. Thursday. And packing includes remembering the big wedding scrapbook stuff since we're supposed to finish that on Saturday while I'm up in the Cities. And my knitting stuff so I can work on Jack's sweater.

* Publish my beginning wheel-thrown pottery and beginning knitting handouts in PDF and send to Roz for uploading to the AR website. Also, publish other handouts as they come in.

* Draft letter for the Northwatch about the auth card process - include bit about how Marshals-in-Charge need to send in the auth tracking paperwork for me to verify auth paperwork from fighters since it's possible that some fighters aren't getting their cards because the auth can't be verified.

* Create center-pull balls or yarn for beginning knitting class kits. Instead of ordering/buying a bunch of yarn for this I've decided that since the class doesn't predicate on starting a specific project, I'm going to use some of my stash yarn and wind up "practice" skeins of about a hundred yards of acrylic. Most people will want to pick out their own yarn for their first project and I'd hate to buy full acrylic skeins for folks since many may not every use it again, but at the same time, I don't want to buy wool skeins for the kits in case someone is allergic. So I've decided this seems like the best alternative.

* Decide on cost/charge for kits. I was planning to make the kits ("practice" skein plus Clover US size 7 bamboo needles) available for $8, but I'm contemplating dropping that to $6 since I'm not spending as much on yarn as I originally thought I would. Or, I could leave it at $8 and just include the handouts (which I'm making available for $2 at present - it's likely to be 4 double-sided pages). Have to ponder that. The ideas isn't to make a profit, but to cover costs. The needles are about $5-$6 a pair depending on where I can find them, so maybe $7? *ponder*

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice to meet another knitting IR person. If you figure skate too I'll be floored. :D Hope AIRUM is a good time - GL getting all the other stuff done eek. - Sara saraterryATgmailDOT.com www.glbt-knit.com/saras