25 November 2005

Snow like ash..

It's snowing, lightly and in teeny tiny little flakes, if you can even call them that. It's sort of pretty to look out the den windows and watch the street turn completely white. No one appears to be up and about much today in our little corner of the world.

Yesterday was good. I like that we do Thanksgiving at our house. I like that Jack's mom and dad came over "for coffee" before dinner, even though he thought he'd be out hunting and they had another dinner to go to later in the afternoon. I like that Judy got a drop spindle recently and that we got to spend a few minutes comparing notes on how our learning is going. I like that our living room is big enough to accomodate both niblings playing on the floor in their helter skelter ways and all six adults in my family comfortably. I like that we have lots of leftovers, including a full apple pie. I like that Jack saved the turkey carcass for me to make broth with. I like that we spent the afternoon in various stages of napping, reading the ads from mom's paper, checking Thanksgiving-day, web-only specials online, and playing with the kids. I like that we didn't have to drive for this one.

Today, I will knit. I'd like to try and finish the Falling Leaves scarf and either Dono's hat or Mike's slippers. Or maybe Kaleigh's mittens, which I need to rip out the cuff on the one that's started and make much smaller.. tiny child, that one. I might even try to re-learn how to spin. We're contemplating maybe possibly running into town to pick up *one* item at an after Thanksgiving day sale - a pack of 100 CD-Rs for $10 - but won't be too terribly upset if that doesn't happen.

At the moment, I'm making an egg-bake/casserole thing for brunch with the leftover stuffing from yesterday, some chopped ham, eggs, cheese and a little milk, and coffee is brewing. And I have real heavy cream left over from the mashed potatoes yesterday to put in my coffee. Nothing for me is quite so decadent and lovely.

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Mazzie said...

We had a brief, wet snow here Wednesday night. Jan and I went for a walk in it and allowed ourselves to be amazed.
I could imagine the coffee with real heavy cream as you described it - truly a rare and decadent treat, and one you deserve.
Hope to spend a quiet holiday with you some time.