05 November 2005

Right, then..

So, this weekend was supposed to be about me getting things Done(tm). Or at least, about me sitting in front of the television watching arguably bad movies (to wit, the director's cut of Legend and (try not to laugh) Clash of the Titans (yes, that one)), steadily knicking away at holiday gift projects.

And in at least some senses, that's happened. My mother-in-law's shawl is now finished. It's not quite as long as I thought it might be, but still longer than I am tall, so that's something, eh? And I ordered all the yarn I need for the rest of the holiday gift projects (some 13 skeins of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, plus a skein of Crayon thrown in for good measure.. oh, and yeah.. a couple skeins of a lace weight something or other and another shawl pattern to bring the total up from just-over-$25 to just-over-$30 and therefore qualify for free shipping) including a big Lucy bag for my sister-in-law, a small Lucy bag for my almostniece, a pair of mittens with attaching string for my niece, a hat with earflaps for my nephew, and a pair of fulled slippers for my brother-in-law. Oh, and I knit through an entire skein of Cotton Rich on Jack's sweater (though I still have the better part of 15 skeins to go) and finished a skein on my Lucy bag (made out of slightly-heavier-than-worsted-weight Briggs & Little Atlantic in heather green). But that all happened after, oh, say, 3 p.m.

There's a reason I didn't stick to the plan before then. You see, Jack was supposed to be in Green Bay this weekend to go see the Steelers play (yes, it's slightly incongruous, I know). And I thought they might be leaving last night, or really sometime this morning. But it turns out that they didn't leave until 2:30 this afternoon. And, well, free Saturday mornings with my husband don't really happen all that often, so .. yeah.

All the same, tomorrow I hope to make it through at least three more skeins of Cotton Rich and maybe another skeing of Atlantic. I'm trying to get his sweater done incognito.. or something. In other words, he's not supposed to figure out that I'm working on it, so I can't really take it as car-knitting when we carpool, so the times when he's not here are really the best times for me to work on it. Or, well, the times when I'm not here, like next week when I'll be in Bloomington for a conference and staying over the weekend with mom and dad to go to the annual volunteer fire department's "turkey bingo". (It's a childhood thing.. I *love* bingo.. not for money.. for meat.. just.. don't ask.) So hopefully between this weekend and next week-ish I'll be able to knock through most of his sweater. Otherwise, I guess I'm going to have to make a concerted effort to actually take a lunch break at work and knit for an hour a day until it's done.

Right. Have I mentioned I have yarn for socks for me, too? I really need new socks.. and it's at least partially cashmere.. yeah.. holiday gifts.. focus... FOCUS! (But it's cashmere..)

(Oh, and the lace weight stuff on order..? Yeah.. that goes with the handpainted yarn lace weight I got in a trade.. and the worsted weight mohair.. and the dark grey pima cotton.. FOCUS!! Holiday gifts.)

(It's all mamacate's fault.)

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