16 November 2005

There has to be a better

I'm currently struggling with figuring out the best way to count things. Yes, this should be elementary, I know, but this particular project eludes me. So in an effort to unstick my head from whatever rut it's in, I'm trying not to think about it for the next little bit.

I finished my mother-in-law's shawl. Can't remember if I posted about that or not. So that's one knit holiday gift down. *smile* Yes, yes, I'll try to remember pictures soon.

I'm almost done with my (first) Lucy bag. This is the one for me, which I made with the "left-over" Briggs & Little Atlantic, which is heavier than worsted weight, so the bag is likely to be much larger than the original in the pattern. Which I want, so that's all good. I'm about a third of the way finished with the shoulder strap. Once I get mine finished, I get to make two more for holiday presents. Got the yarn a couple days ago, so all is in place.

I need to finish the sleeve and neck edgings on my sister's Shapely Tank and wash it and hope it stretches out enough to be closer to fitting. *sigh* If it doesn't.. well.. I'll have to figure out which of the lace weight yarns I've recently acquired to turn into Something Else(tm) for her.

The holiday knitting is here in full force.. I have a pair of mittens for Kaleigh, a hat for Dono, a pair of slippers for Mike, the two aforementioned Lucy bags for Sara and Kallie, and Jack's sweater. Jack's sweater is over half finished - I knit it from the bottom up and have about half of the front-after-the-arm-split finished, so I just have to finish the front, then the back, then the sleeves. It'll happen. I'll get some knitting done this weekend and hopefully lots done over Thanksgiving and then should be all good for December.

And then I get to start the blanket for my cousin-by-marriage who is having a baby in February. Speaking of which, if anyone knows of a chart or pattern for the profile sillouhette of Mickey Mouse, I'd appreciate hearing about it!

Speaking of this weekend, tonight I have to finish the handouts for my knitting class this weekend. I might work on them over lunch, too.

Hrm.. thoughts are percolating in a more productive direction on the counting project. Now to go back and force them into submission...

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