18 November 2005


The dog seems to be on the road to recovery. She slept soundly through the night (or at least she didn't move once she curled up between my feet) and was certainly not as energetic this morning as she usually is, but also was not in any obvious physical discomfort and a mid-morning nap seems to have revived her spirits. She didn't get breakfast this morning in an attempt to let her system calm down. Here's hoping things will work themselves out.

In the mean time, I'm working a half-day from home today so I could be here in case things took a turn for the worse. It was productive in spite of my not having planned to be working from home, and therefore not bringing home with me anything that would have been useful. I did, however, have the ever-growing stack of surveys in my briefcase, so I spent the better part of the morning going through and completing them. The College Board one isn't done yet, but it's close; the rest have at least my parts completed so I can send them off to whoever else needs them next on Monday.

Because I'm home, I also decided it was a good time to full the Lucy bag. It's been through something like 7 agitation cycles and is pretty close to done at this point. I'd like the shoulder strap to firm up a bit more, though, so I'm being stubborn.

The Board meeting last night, since I skipped right over it in the doggy distress, was good. I think I'll like working on the Board - the other members are enthusiastic and down-to-earth, which helps my comfort level a lot. There's a fundraising thing this weekend that I'll be missing due to other plans, and a work day for the lights in the park thing on Monday, which I'll be able to make the afternoon for. The annual open house and member meeting is in early December and all the Board members are supposed to make something to put in the silent auction. I'm eyeing all that lace-weight stuff I've recently acquired and wondering if two weeks is enough time to throw together a couple lacy scarf bits. Of course, if I use the worsted weight mohair stuff, it'll go faster.. *ponder*

I'm also going to email the Art department at the University and see if any of the students might be interested in donating some of their work for the auction, and drop a line to the Theatre folks to see if I can snag a pair or two of tickets for an upcoming show. Then I'll just need to figure out what appetizer to bring..

Hrm.. since I've already worked the half day I am supposed to.. maybe I'll take off for the Cities a little early and have dinner with mom and dad.

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Anonymous said...

Poor Little Pig. I glad to hear she's feeling better. Gizmo doesn't want to eat my fiber, he just wants to spread it all over the house.

I remember one of Dagr and Leaina's cats ate a site token. The poor cat had to go into surgery to get it removed. I think it was from Niklos and Mathra's investiture and was a bone dead and a round Mongal coin.