22 November 2005


(Quickly: Yes, Jali's fine now. It took awhile, but she perked up Sunday sometime and finally kicked out the rest of the yarn that she ate last night. We're all much happier now, though pr'bly her most of all because now she's back to getting fed at the normal times again.)

So at the board meeting last week, I found out that there's an open house and annual meeting December 6 and that at said open house and annual meeting, there will be a silent auction for which members of the board were expected to donate items. This is not an issue. Not only do I work at the University, which has an art department and a theatre department, I am also able to relatively painlessly whip up rather nice looking knitted bits given a couple weeks notice.

So off I go and decide that I really don't want to try to do a drop stitch pattern in the vanilla worsted weight mohair, but that the Falling Leaves pattern from Knitty might be nice. And I start out and get through a couple patten repeats and it's just.. ugh. The wisps, which are quite substantial and not anything like the wisps in the KSH I used for my Birch, looked matted rather than snuggly. I decide that it was likely because I was using US 7 needles. So I (carefully) frog it all out and start again with US 11s.

And while it's looking much softer and snugglier, I'm not sure I like how.. well.. big it is. It's not what I'd call delicate, and something about that just isn't sitting with me. So, in an effort to get opinions before it gets too late to reasonably finish another project in time for the silent auction, here are some pictures of it now (as yet unblocked.. it will be blocked when it's finished which will pr'bly not only draw the pattern out more, but also make it at least a little wider):

(Sorry for the holy huge pictures, batfans.. I can switch them to thumbnails if anyone's having issues viewing the page properly..)
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This is a closer shot - it *looks* right in terms of the wispiness, but it's so wide that I'm afraid that the pattern is too delicate. It's not a scarf that I can imagine someone wearing as an accessory. It's a scarf I can imagine someone wearing that is slightly prettier than your average scarf but will also keep you warm. In which case I'm afraid people won't bid on it because, well, this is southern MN and people pr'bly *have* substantial and dressy scarves already. Or something.

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This one shows how far along I am. It's going very quickly and I think I'm about a third of the way through considering that I want to make it long enough to wrap around the neck/face at least once and still have reasonably long tails.

So.. what do you think? Is it just.. not right? Or am I being overly critical and just need to tuck away my criticism and finish it..?

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Mazzie said...

i think it looks great! and anyone who knows a white about fiber or even touches it will know that, despite tha airness and lightness of the garment, it's going to be a nice, warm one.
beautiful colorway, beautiful pattern. i want to snuggle with it!
so glad jali's better.
miss and love you bunches.
happy thanksgiving. love to jack and jali. :)