03 February 2007

Stockings with Clocks & SP9

The stockings with clocks, from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks, with a pattern modification as requested by the largesse project organizer to add three inches to the height of the leg before the calf decreases, are finished and blocking:

You can see the pattern a bit better now that they've been soaked a bit, but it's still hard to get it to show up very much in a picture. Also, if you look closely you can see the graft line on the front stocking - I had to rip out the graft once because the seam stitches weren't lined up properly and in so doing, must have picked up a bit of dust that got worked in with the second graft line, which is also slightly tighter than the rest of the stocking. I expect with a little wear, it will become less noticeable.

I took a series of photos of the process I used to add in the extra three inches in the first stocking (I was reminded of the pattern modification after the first stocking was already complete and decided adding in the three inches would be faster than reknitting almost the entire stocking - which it was) and will likely post a sort of "tutorial" type thing on it in a day or two.

Oh, and I've revealed myself to my Secret Pal from SP9! Everyone stop in and say hi to Barb! She knits and crochets, has just learned to knit socks, and can't refuse her two gorgeous little girls, even when she's making something that she really wants for herself. *smile*

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