19 February 2007

Peek a boo! I see you!

All done! (Sorry the photos suck; the modeled ones even moreso.)

The first picture is blurry, but more color accurate; the second is not blurry, but completely washed out.


I'm a little worried that the arms will be a bit too small - I have fat arms, though, so maybe it won't be quite so tight on the recipient. I need to remember to include a note with care instructions, though. It's cotton/modal and I don't want her to wash and dry it and have it be too small. In any case, I'm giving in one more blocking round now that the seams are in, so it pr'bly won't get sent until later this week.


SaraSkates said...

what a great sweater! I like the cables within a cable ;)

Barb said...

Very pretty sweater :)