25 February 2007

Blue Willow Cardigan update

I feel like I've not made very much progress on this one, but I did finish the first of six skeins of the grey yarn this evening, so I thought I'd post a photo or two:

The photo doesn't show the full width of the piece - it's the full girth of the sweater, less about 6 inches which will be added with the edging, knit flat because it's a cardigan. I've decided to make it longer than the pattern calls for - if I left it at the length called for, I think it would feel too short. The pattern says that if you lengthen it, you need to lengthen it by 3 inches due to the length of the pattern repeats on the boder, so I have four more inches of the body to go until I divide for the front and back. At that point the bulk of the body will be finished, so things should go a little faster.

In the meantime, I may switch for a bit to tablet weaving and/or bobbin lace and/or spinning for a bit. My knitting mojo seems to be errant of late, so maybe something else will hold my attention better.

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Liz said...

Just wanted to say that thanks to your wonderful guide I sucessfully took the foot off Hrodir's socks, knit an extra 1.5 inches and then grafted the two parts back together. They look marvelous and I know I would not have had the "balls" to do such a thing if I had not read through your process, complete with pictures. Thanks!!!!