15 February 2007

Not my day.


It's the sort of day where I wondered while drying my hair briefly after my shower after spin class if I'd remembered to rinse out the conditioner. I think I did.. but can't quite remember and my hair felt unusually slick for lack of a better word, so I might not have.

I arrived in my office to discover that our building is still without water. Something happened - not sure what - Tuesday that caused them to turn off all water service to the building. They stripped a router bit trying to clear out the main sewer pipe, which would seem to indicate that they hit something concrete or metal. Not a good sign. Rather than do something logical like close the building, though, we're all just expected to hike to either the student center or the technology building next door to use the restroom. Never mind that there's no access to water in the building so if you want a drink you'd better bring it in yourself. Need to rinse a coffee or tea mug? Sorry; out of luck. (Fortunately, I do usually bring some water in with me from home and have been doing so this week; it's still annoying, though.)

Then, after overfilling my teacup twice, I realized that the reason the tea leaves were getting stuck in the drain and keeping it open was because the little screen that was in my ingenuiTEA teapot yesterday was no longer there. I can only assume that it fell out yesterday when I dumped the leaves from my last cup of tea. I had checked it earlier when I first got it and it seemed like the screen was in there more or less permanently, so I didn't think to check for it after dumping out the leaves. I guess I was wrong. *sigh* (Yes, I've emailed Adagio already asking if I can order a replacement for it; I've grown quite attached to my little ingenuiTEA in the last few days..)

Edited to add: And we just had a last minute staff meeting where our Provost (who I report to directly) announced that she has accepted a position at another institution. Yeah. Not a great day.

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SaraSkates said...

dang - I'm sorry!