29 March 2007

Now with 100% more knitting pictures.

Okay, so I'm still recovering from last week and it's already Thursday (! How did that happen?!). That's awfully pathetic. *sigh*

Since I showed you the picture of the too-small-Jaywalker, I figured I owed you pictures of the right sized ones:

The color is a smidge off in this, but you can see that they no longer pool the way I didn't like in the ankle. They do in the foot, but I'm strangely okay with that. *shrug* I have a couple rounds left to finish up on the toe of the second one and then they'll be finished. I'm really not in much of a knitting mood these days, though, so I might just switch to spinning for awhile (at least assuming the remodeling hasn't left my hands too rough to work with roving.. hrm..)

There might have been more.. but I seem to have forgotten what it might have been. Oh well!

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