05 March 2007

Good Monday Morning!

I walked into my office this morning to this gorgeous sight:

Quite lovely! It's been blooming more or less continuously all winter, but this is the most blooms it's had at any given time. There are still a few more buds that have yet to open, and I suspect it will continue to bloom for another month or so and then go dormant again for the summer. In the meantime, though, it's a wonderfully welcome splash of color in my office, especially with the sunlight streaming in behind it.

In other news, I whipped up another Felted Bucket Hat this weekend for my mother-in-law. No pictures - I forgot to get any before I wrapped it up - but I might try to get one of her wearing it tonight when we meet them for dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Our Christmas cactus blooms hard throughout November and December, and is usually finished around the new year. About every other spring it puts out some more before summer. Such a lovely blossom.