18 March 2007

In brief..

I ran out of yarn with 6 and a half rows to go to finish the toe of my first Jaywalker. This happened while I was on a plane from Minneapolis to Detroit, so I could really maneuver so that I could try the sock on to see if it would be okay to just rip back and start the toe decreases a repeat or two earlier. Now that I'm settled into my hotel room, though, I definitely think that's in order.. the sock is.. boxy at the toe now, so decreasing earlier, even if I end up decreasing more in the long run (the pattern says to kitchener the remaining 28 stiches.. way to boxy for my comfort in shoes) sounds like a good plan. I'm a little torn, though.. going up a needle size definitely fixed the issue with the socks being too tight, but I think they're also now just a tad too big. *sigh*

My other option is to start a different pair with the Lorna's Laces (Barb - it's the Bucks Bar colorway which is a sort of pale blue/green/pink/beige one) I brought, but I sort of want to finish the Jaywalkers. We'll see.

Sorry about the lack of photos.. I decided that I didn't want to try to figure out how to get the digital camera into my carry on safely, so it stayed home.

I thought there was more of this post but it seems to have wandered away. *shrug*

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