03 March 2007

More shopping!

Yea! As you may remember, today is Herberger's Community Day. I love this sale. I really am not just saying that because Houston County Women's Resources gets to participate. I really *hate* clothes shopping, mostly because it just seems that everything is so expensive and I just can't seem to bring myself to pay $40 for a simple shirt or $60 for a plain pair of slacks. I can get over it when I have help, but it's because I need convincing.

This sale, though, has some truly amazing deals on clothes that are both comfortable and I think fit my style. Today, for instance, I picked up two nice 3/4 length sleeve button down shirts, a couple Relativity tanks (which I love and now have 6 of - light turquoise, coral, cream, black and these two new ones) in a medium blue and a dark blue, both of which work under the two button down shirts, a knit short sleeve light-ish blue sweater, a black knit tunic-style shirt with a lace insert cuff, and a lovely coral long sleeve button down shirt. Jack got a new belt (which was the most expensive thing on the receipt at $18) and three hooded sweatshirts. The grand total was all of $134. Eleven items, most of them nice clothing that normally retails between $35 and $60.

Yup. Love this sale.

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