09 August 2006

On that..

Cate so rocks my world. Here's for making things so *much* *HARDER* than they have to be and having someone with a clue gently nudging you toward the easy way. Not only do I have the Tables module for SPSS, I *used* it to create the data tables on which I'm trying to run the z-test for proportions. But I never use the tests of significance in the module because, quite honestly, most of what I do doesn't require it. (Yeah, yeah.. I'm one of those IR people who mostly run frequencies.. not because I *can't* do more sophistocated analysis, but because I don't have *time* to develop more sophistocated models and then teach my users not to be afraid of them. I'm working on it; I miss working my stats chops.) Fortunately, I saved my syntax (here's for getting at least *one* thing right!), so I just had to paste in the extra bit to make it do the z-test and, viola! Problem solved.

On less technical issues, knitting proceeds on Holiday Gift #1. I'm just about, maybe a little over, half way through. Sorry, no pics until after the holidays.

I'm thinking about donating the Candle Flame Shawl to the raffle to benefit Houston County Women's Resources, but I'm a little concerned it won't .. match the interests of the attendees. It's a motorcycle and classic car rally, and for some reason I just cringe at the idea of putting a hand knit shawl in there. Part of it is admittedly ego - I'd hate to put it in the raffle and have only a small handful of people think it worth spending a ticket on. (This is a different raffle than the big one for the cruise and travel packages; this one will be done on-site, day-of, and people will buy their "wing span" - length from fingertip to fingertip - in raffle tickets for a set price (we're still deciding on the price, but it will likely be less than $1 per ticket for most adults) and then drop their tickets in the box or bag or whatever for each item they want a chance at.) Part of it is realizing that I put quite a significant amount of time into it and it might be better received as a gift (it was intended as a gift, but it took too long to make) because I doubt it will bring in all that much in additional raffle ticket sales from this specific audience to justify the work that went into it. But I'm on the fence, partly because the end part of the rally is also a local community festival/gathering so there will be more people there than just the folks who ride the rally. *waffle**waffle*

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mamacate said...

Yippee! Skippee! Glad I could help. And yeah, the whole time thing. I'm glad I'm not the only one... ;)