18 August 2006

Drive by..

Still here.

Cate is once again my hero this week.*

I did get 3 lbs of merino roving (!) and I'm off work all next week, so I'm sure I'll start to spin some of it. Can't wait! I'm thinking of trying to spin it so it'll be DK-weight (I think.. I always mix up which of DK and sport weight is lighter) when plied so I can make a sweater out of it.. I even have one in mind (one of the ones from Inspired Cable Knits, but I can't recall the name at the moment), so here's to ambition!

In the meantime, I'm off to sit at the Child Abuse Prevention Network booth at the county fair tonight and to try to sell more raffle tickets for HCWR's rally raffle tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll be running around for registration and manning stops all day and then helping out where I can in the early evening for the Rally. Sunday we're going to try to finish scraping the porch so we can investigate renting a floor sander Monday or Tuesday and apply the sealant Wednesday or Thursday.

* For those interested, US News & World Report annual college rankings were released to the public today; they were released under embargo to colleges on Wednesday, but apparently US News only notified Public Relations folks of this, so those of us in IR were left in the dark unless our PR folks clued us in. Mine didn't, but an off-hand comment from Cate did, so I was able to track down the rankings and get copies, which ended up being a good thing because I've talked to two members of the press so far today already. (CRAZY! Who wants to talk to an institutional researcher for a news story?!)


mamacate said...

Oh, they never let me talk to the press. Your PR people are brave. You KNOW TOO MUCH! :D Glad I could help.

And the merino? You're a crazy woman. In my favorite kind of way.

Teej said...

Dude! I was even mentioned *by name*!! http://www.lacrossetribune.com/articles/2006/08/19/news/4uw-l_0819.txt I'm not certain, but this might just be a sign of the apocalypse...