31 August 2006

Might as well be WTF Wednesday..

Conjoined squirrels. Nope, not kidding. Unfortunately, the story did not have a happy ending. :(

Here's a happier story about "George". I drive by this farm on my daily commute and we usually notice George and what he's up to.

Too bad George wasn't in the Cornell Dairy Store to fend off Cornellia's kidnappers.

Brought to you by my morning headline scan.

1 comment:

Sara Skates said...

holy hell - the guy used a shotgun to euthanize the squirrels??? WTF??? I'm thinking a veterinarian would have done a way better job dealing with getting the knot off in the first place, and euthanizing them if necessary in the second place.

what a strange strange world we live in...!