03 May 2006

This is one of those times..

.. when I wish my remote desktop connection worked for my actual, physical desktop.

I can't find my 'biner. I'm 90% sure I found it in the basement attached to an old bag that Jack was using while taking classes at MATC a month ago and snagged it to attach to my existing briefcase. Except it's not on my briefcase. Nor is it on the bag I remember finding it on. Nor anywhere else I can think to look in the house. Which leads me to wonder if I didn't get annoyed with it, or was fidgeting with it (more likely), one day at the office and left it on my desk by mistake. It's plausible, but not likely.

And I'm impatient and don't feel like waiting until tomorrow to find out because I *need* it now.

Okay, so I don't *need* it now, but I *want* it now. I just finally got around to fixing the strap on my big Lucy bag so that the long strap would run from the top to the bottom of the bag (I can post pictures later - that's not the point). But because of how the bag is constructed, I couldn't just sew the strap to the bottom of the bag. Instead I sewed little loops in the ends of the strap (again, pictures can be had later - it's not the point now) and planned to loop the loops through my 'biner and then work the 'biner through the felt at the bottom of the bag (it doesn't matter if there are small holes in the bottom of the bag; it's my gym bag and the smallest thing in there is my brush, which won't fit through the holes I'm making).

But I can't find my 'biner.

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