03 May 2006

Things I'm learning.

1. The reason my stamina is better when I swim breaststroke than when I freestyle is because I can't kick my sprinter's instinct when I swim freestyle and I push myself to go too fast. I'm learning to count kicks-per-stroke as a way to try to slow myself down and it seems to be working. I did 9 laps today, which is more than I'll have to do for the race, but I figure it's better to overshoot than undershoot. (And no, they weren't continuous; see the stamina thing above.)

2. After swimming, anything remotely starchy or sweet (with the apparent exception of fruit, preferably melon) is entirely unappetizing. Blech. Cheese and meat (and the aforementioned fruit, preferably melon) seem to fit the bill just fine. (If this is in any way a surprise to anyone, it would be a surprise to me.)

3. I can either try to keep my head down and stay out of the politics of my work enviroment, and continue doing what in my mind is just enough to complete the requirements of my job, or I can own up to the fact that higher education doesn't understand "job" and realize that I've accepted a lifestyle and that in order to improve things, I need to wade at least hip-deep in the politics and make a stand. Check back in six months to see how that goes. *grin*

4. I have 4 weeks of vacation I should try to use by the end of the fiscal year (June 30), and while I don't currently have anything planned for the week of Memorial Day or the second week of June, something tells me the only person I'm going to hurt by taking both of those weeks off will be me. But I might do it anyway because I could get things done at home.. like strip varnish off the window sills or paint the dining room.

5. Getting back into regular exercise increases my metabolism (again, if this is a surprise, I'll be surprised) which makes me too warm at night lately. I know from past experience this will calm down once I get back into a routine, but at the moment, it means restless nights.


mamacate said...

1. yippee! That's awesome.
2. I know I eat way better on days when I do my power walk at work.
3. You and I have to talk at AIR. I am in a very similar situation. Good times.
4. What are you kidding? Are you going to lose the time? TAKE IT. Nobody is going to thank you if you don't, and no one will fault you if you do. Seriously.
5. Just be glad you're not being snuggled by two crazy preschoolers all night. ;) Talk about warm!

Teej said...

3. Will do. When looks good for you to try to arrange to get together? I'll be in Sunday evening, so let me know what looks good.

4. I'm still waiting to see how much they'll let me roll over. 40 hours will roll automatically, but the other 120 I have to get approval for. The catch is that anything I roll over I have to use next year, so I'm not sure if my boss will approve rolling over the whole 120 hours. At the moment, I'm planning to take every Friday and a handful of random other days off between now and the end of June, though, so that should make it a little easier to swallow for them to approve to roll over.
5. But they're so cute! *smile*

Anonymous said...

Hey! You could always take some time and you guys could visit Cam in GA - or you could come visit me in PA...