07 May 2006


Okay, just a quicky, a teaser if you will, but I had to share.

I just found out that I'm getting my very own pottery wheel!!

I'm so excited about this. It's a little treadle wheel and I'm getting it for far less than I thought I'd be able to get a wheel for, which has me a little concerned (no, I haven't seen pictures or the actual wheel yet, but I trust the person who notified me about it to not lead me down a path of disappointment) about the condition it will be in, but given that it's a treadle (e.g., non-electric, hence no motor, which is the expensive part) I think it will be just fine. I have been warned that the legs will need leveling, but I'm really not at all concerned about the frame - that's just wood and easily repaired/replaced if needed.

ROCK ON!! Yea!!

I'll post more about the wheel once I get it (hopefully I can pick it up Friday, but I won't be home again after that until after Chicago, so you'll pr'bly have to wait for pictures for a bit), but I did manage to get lots of pictures of the various gardens and trees around the yard and *gasp* some actual knitting progress pictures taken this weekend, so I'll post those later.

My very own wheel..! This is so terribly kuhl!


spaazlicious said...

ooooh, that green glow to your west, yeah that's me and my envy. Can't wait to hear more when you get it and start showin' off yer stuff!

Momo said...

How cool! I've never tried one before, but I've always wanted to.