22 March 2006


There are three administrative assistants in our office that the six administrators share (e.g., I share an admin assistant with my boss, which works well because she has lots of work for our admin assistant and I have .. well, almost none). One of the three ("mine") is out this week and another's ("mine"'s backup, which is really only important in that it's my boss's backup) computer is being completely overhauled by ITS. This makes for a rough week for "mine"'s backup, who really needs to have access to a computer to support my boss and her two regular folks.

Fortunately, I have two computers (a desktop that is rather seriously tricked out because it is the sole repository for a fair amount of data(let's not get into the ways this is a generally Bad Idea(tm)) (and, yes, it's backed up weekly to a separate drive), and my tablet which is still pretty tricked out, but which I tend not to use when I'm actually in my office for much other than music) and not many meetings this week, so my tablet has been donated to the cause.

But I'm spoiled, see. Because I'm really used to listening to my music all day. *sigh* (Yes, I'm a brat, I know.) And while I could just plug the speakers into the desktop and find an online radio station, I'm feeling petulant that I can't listen to *my* music.

Another way in which I've been spoiled, at least in the last 12 hours, is by the introduction of acetaminopehn with codeine into my life. The tooth issues*, after much consultation with my dentist, are on hold until Tuesday (it's a long and not terribly interesting story, but Tuesday is when the new permanent crown goes on), but since the pain is uncontrollable by ibuprofen overnight, which means I'm not sleeping, my dentist prescribed Tylenol-3 for me. Nice stuff. I still woke up every four hours to take more, but I almost immediately fell back asleep every time. Here's to 10 hours of only minimally interrupted sleep!

All this tooth drama and house progress, though, means I'm not doing anything really fiber-related. I finished the green cotton socks, though, and decided that I was being silly in insisting that the red skein not be socks and cast on for the Embossed Leaves socks from the Winter 2005 "Interweave Knits". The yarn is thicker so my gauge is larger, but given that the pattern as written is too small for my feet, I'm thinking it will work out right in the end. I have a(nother) work-related car trip tomorrow that has something like 5 hours car-time, so I expect I'll get the first one finished then. (Wasn't there some knit-along going on having to do with red socks..?)

* Yeah, so the antibiotics stopped the swelling, but now the crowned tooth is *really* cranky. Likely because we took off a permanent crown and re-built up for a new one, so it's feeling terribly exposed and abused and therefore justifiably cranky, but that doesn't help that I've not slept more than a couple hours at a stretch for a few nights. Without rest, the tooth isn't likely to calm down, but until the tooth calms down, I'm not getting any rest. Love that kind of catch-22 stuff. *sigh*

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