14 March 2006

On Fug (which is also an F-word, you'll notice.)

(No, not like that kind of F-word (well, really, yes, exactly like that kind of F-word, but that's beside the point); what I *mean* is the kind of F-word that would also work for an entry in the ABC-along.)

So, I'm a little (pr'bly completely unjustifiably) self-satisfied at the moment. I'm managing to slowly but surely introduce the term "fugly" into the administration here. *beam*

As I recently explained to a colleague after sending her a link to Go Fug Yourself by way of explanation, "They comment on what passes for "fashion" these days. I've simply adapted the word for my own personal uses to describe what sometimes passes for data."

(This was sent to the same woman who has deemed me a "Data Call Girl" because I reprimanded her when she made the (joking and in-passing) comment that I was a "Data Slut" and would do anything for data. I said I'd do anything for *good* data, which apparently moves me up the food chain.)

And now I'm finding myself wondering if there's a way to work the pizza euphemism (is bad pizza really better than no pizza?) into the vocabulary of the adminstration.. might be a little tricker, given that the original euphemism relates to more prurient matters.

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Momo said...

hmm, I'm going to have ta go look up pizza now. ;-)