30 March 2006

Rogue update and counting sheep.

First, I did work some on Rogue Monday evening. I got through the front shaping to the point where the neck divides - so only about 30 rows, but progress is progress.

I've also been working slowly on the arm warmers. I'm past the split for the thumb on the first one and am almost ready to do the last bit of ribbing to finish it off. It should be complete tonight during my commute home. And then I get to start fretting that I'm not going to have enough yarn left to make the second one as long. *sigh*

Last night I went out to the farm Deb works on and saw lots and lots and lots of little lambs. Lots of them. The flock they have is rather large and they started lambing a week or so ago. Several of the ewes had single lambs, but many more have had twins or triplets. In fact, one of the ewes had just recently lambed with triplets - they were still damp when we got there. They're very cute and they have this adorable little hop thing they do. I wasn't brave enough to pick one up - didn't want to spook the little guys - but I did pet several and they're very soft. It was dusk when I got to the farm and the barn was dark so I didn't get any pictures (I didn't want to spook them with the flash).

Deb said I can come back when they first let them out to pasture (which is apparently amusing because they don't know what to do or where to go, so they run around like mad little beasties and bleat) and then again when they shear later in the spring. I'll try to get pictures then.

The breed is Clun Forest, and they're originally from Scotland. Apparently the women who own the flock like these particular sheep because they're relatively small, are good mothers and lamb easily, and produce good wool for hand spinners. Looks like I'm going to have to learn to clean and process a fleece soon!

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Momo said...

Your Rogue is looking great! Little lambs are so cute. :)