25 March 2006

Saturday evening amusements

So, one of my guilty pleasures is musicals. Old musicals, typically. Tonights gem is Camelot - the one with Richard Burton. I haven't seen it in years, though I have the Broadway soundtrack burned into my tablet, so I know most of the songs by heart. The scenes, however, are a little more fleeting. So I was amused to discover that when talking to the first knight during "Then You May Take Me To the Fair", Guinevre is balling yarn and the knight is holding the skein. *chuckle*

I've decided that the Embossed Leaves socks aren't going to be socks, but instead elbow length half-gloves. But I haven't made much progress on them; I'm about half way through the first one.

Instead, I decided that this weekend I would warp my new tablet weaving loom. I screwed up the continuous warp which meant I had to tie more knots than I think I would have otherwise, but it's now warped with a 24 card pattern in simple chevrons and I've worked about a foot of the band. Just meant to get me reacquainted with it. Next I intend to warp it up with some silk and try to make trim or bookmarks or some such again. I'm not sure I'm up for a full double-face, double-turn pattern - it's just too futzy and requires too much attention and I'm not sure I'm up to that much focus at the moment - but I can work on something simple. I did take pictures of the loom warped and will try to post them tomorrow.

And I might even be able to post pictures of lambs! Deb invited me out to the farm she lives on to see the spring lambs and I'm rather excited to go out and visit. I might even be able to make arrangements to get some fleece once they shear the flock in a month or two. And I'm told they slaughter a few each year, too, so I'm contemplating trying to cook lamb and/or mutton.. not sure how I feel about that, though.

Oh, and while I'm at it, Houston County Women's Resources annual Bowl-a-thon is April 30, so if anyone here would be interested in pledging me as a bowler (either per-pin (3 games total) or flat pledge), drop me a note. It all goes to support HCWR's services for women and children victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, including their short-term and transitional housing programs. (There's half a post written in my head about the recent passage by the MN state house of a bill that would "allow" local law enfocement to ask about immigration status, ostensibly to increase communication between local law enforcement and "Homeland Security".. yeah.. not happy about what that might mean for immigrant victims of domestic violence, who are already often afraid to go to the police because in their native countries the laws don't protect women. It just adds another reason for victims not to go to the police, which abusers will *know* and use against victims to add to their power through fear of deportation if they report the abuse. Disgusting. Really, truly, honestly. Makes me sick. Which is why it's only half a post and still mostly in my head.. I can't get past my rage to be properly analytical. But I really need to write something official - like a letter to my state representative and/or a letter to the editor of one of the larger area newspapers - expressing my disgust, so it might show up here as well.)

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Anonymous said...

Camelot - with Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave. One of my favorite movies!