09 March 2006

Not a matter of trust.

If you don't want children, make your own decisions and take your own actions to see that you don't create them. Both men and women are perfectly capable of reducing the odds of conception, so saying that your "ex-girlfriend had [your] child after telling [you] she could not get pregnant" means you don't have to then provide support for said child is the height of irresponsibility. Grow up.

There's an "E" post on it's way, as well as an update on some knitting and spinning, but it may be a bit before they get here. Sorry!


mamacate said...

File under: can you believe we actually have to explain this to you?


bradford said...

This gets to the educational need for the real three "R"s - Relationship, Respect, & Response-ability, triangulated with 3"S"s - self, society, & sciences - Teaching could expand applications instead of just filling the hard-drive.

Teej said...

Brad - you've no idea how timely your comment is! We just had a "town & gown" discussion last night and your comment almost perfectly summarizes the gist of the conversational themes from the discussion.