14 December 2005


Okay, okay, so after many, many (many) patient attempts by Carol and Pixel, much encouragement (and a gorgeous spindle and beautifully prepared hunk'o'fleece, which is so much more important than I realized for learning with) from mamacate, a few minutes closely watching Guilia's hands as she drafted, and some hand-holding and guidance (and more patience) from Joan, I *finally* get spinning. Things just clicked. I get drafting, I get tension, I get the whole twirl-the-spindle bit. I. Get. It.

WHEE! I can make my own yarn! How much does that rock?! And it's pretty and soft and a gorgeous color (brownish with little glints of lighter bits sort of) and I can't wait to make something with it.

Yes, yes, I'll post pictures later. I just wanted to share that I finally get it and my spinning is coming out much, much more like yarn now than it ever has. It's still not all even, but it's a whole lot closer and less chunky than I've ever made before. And I'm not having issues with over-twisted and under-twisted bits. Drafting.. wow. When it clicked, it just.. clicked.

So. Stoked. *GRIN*


mamacate said...

Yippee! Another one down, grin. And yes, well-prepared fiber is key, and actually that batt was far from perfect. Go order yerself a batt or two from grafton fibers and then you'll see some stuff that's easy to spin. You've gotten over the hump, though. I always say that spinning has a very, very steep learning curve at first, but once you get going with it, the learning curve becomes quite gentle. There's tons to learn and keep you challenged, but you won't feel like throwing it out the window again. Well, maybe when you first start wheel-spinning. ;) But not for long.


Mazzie said...

yay! how exciting!
jan (my prince!) is getting me a wheel for christmas that is at his father's house in superior ... and! a woman he works with is spinning wool from the sheep on the site (did you meet Patience? i think you did ...) and he's getting some of that for me, too. i'm such a lucky girl!
can't WAIT until you post pictures!
and thank you for the inspiration --- i am making fuzzy feet for my dad, i think ...