08 December 2005

C is for cookie..

My morning has been.. odd.

The last song on my tablet last night was "A Bog Down in the Valley-O" or something like that by Minstrels of Mayhem. It got stopped midway through, but stayed stuck in my head all night and played fun little games with my not-quite-conscious mind.

We're currently listening to "Guards! Guards!" by Terry Pratchett (we have an Audible.com subscription and we usually listen to audiobooks on our commute). This morning, Sam Vimes met Cybele for the first time. It's hysterical. Even with the roads icy and slippery, we were both laughing out loud. Made the commute much more tolerable, but I have to admit that it was a bit strange to be laughing at the same time worrying about whether we'd be joining the many cars already in the ditch.

I walked into my office this morning and got an immediate craving for hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies. At 8 a.m... *sigh* The ironic part is that we have a tub of cookie dough in the fridge at home, so I *can* actually have hot-out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies tonight. Just not when the craving hit.

To back track a couple days, the HCWR silent auction at the annual meeting went very well. They had a lot more stuff than I thought they would! The Falling Leaves scarf went for $10, which is less than I'd have sold it for outright, but about average for what things were going for. I picked up a neat little old-fashioned looking desk clock for work for $10 and won a pink poinsettia as a door prize. It's on my meeting table at work since plants left at home have a tendency to be utterly neglected lately.

(Oooh.. Camelot..)

My hopefully-last yarn order for holiday knitting came in Tuesday and I'm almost finished with knitting mom's FuzzyFeet. Not sure if Jack's will be done now or wait until after the rest of the holiday knitting is done. Felting will likely happen Sunday or early next week, and then I get to sew on the little suede sole things. I also made some progress on Jack's sweater the other day over lunch. So far, everything looks to be on schedule to be finished in time. Ahead of schedule, even. (Yes, I'm still avoiding the Shapely Tank.)

This weekend will be somewhat of a madhouse. I'm to arrive on site at 8 a.m. to set up Artisans Row in the merchants area. From 9-10 I'm holding CoR office hours (from Artisans Row.. I'm hoping it will be early enough so that the office hours aren't disruptive). From 10-11 I'll likely be trying to wrap up office hours and make sure things are more or less set for Artisans Row to run without me for the next three hours. Need to send another email plea for volunteers to keep an eye on things.. From 11-12 I'm teaching list admin and from 12-2 knitting. From 2-4:30 I'm back on Artisans Row, but this time I intend to be doing stuff. If there are spinners around, I'm hoping to get (another) refresher course in drafting. Otherwise, I will likely knit, though I've also thought about bringing either the lace pillow or the inkle loom warped with some double-turn, double-face tablet weaving in silk from Handweavers.. We'll see what gets packed tonight I guess. Court is at 4:30 (I think) and then after that is feast and then back to the hotel to either post-revel or crash, whichever I'm up for.

(Rusted Root.. haven't heard this one in awhile..)

At least Sunday we just have to drive home and pick up the dog. There's a holiday gathering at the Chancellor's house that evening, but I think I'm going to skip it in favor of spending at least a couple hours at home before the work week starts again.

Right.. back to the Major list for the College Board survey.

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