28 December 2005

I need a bigger house.

This is not the realization one should be coming to less than a year after closing on their first house, I know. But I do. Because the answer clearly can not be that I need to have fewer hobbies. Nope.

In an effort to occupy my mind on my drive in this morning (in the car without the CD player and, hence, with the audiobooks), I decided to figure out how to rearrange things in my house so that I can find room not only for a workout space (bike on trainer, weight bench for Jack, small TV or laptop stand and floor space for an exercise mat), a pottery studio (wheel, small kiln, drying shelves, glazing table - this is actually feasible in the basement where we have the vestiges of a canning room that would work beautifully as a drying and kiln room), a fiber space (somewhere to put the fleece I'm told will eventually start to accumulate even though I'm almost out of the stuff mamacate sent me, the eventual spinning wheel and stool, and all the stash yarn, and all the works-in-progress and finished objects awaiting homes, and my knitting needles and ball winder, and both the (small table) looms (one for tablet weaving and one rigid heddle), and the eventual floor loom (or two), and the bobbin lace pillow and bobbins and spools of silk, and the sewing machine and serger, and the fabric stash), a book binding space (workbench with space for davey board, fun papers, glue, tools, clamps, waxed thread, a heavy mallet, a cutting board and slew of sharp-cutty-things), and a brewing space (shelves for bottles and equipment, a sink, a stove, a lagering fridge, and a wine cellar - again, this is feasible, but competes with the pottery studio for the canning room).

My current plan involves knocking out at least one wall, lots of electrical work in the basement and the possibility of a small addition.


I can make this work.

Now, where's that winning lottery ticket..?

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