30 December 2005

Nothing much doing..

I've not done much of anything this week. I'm almost finished with one of the sleeves on Jack's sweater (and it turns out I wouldn't have needed the extra yarn for the sleeves, but I might to finish the rollover collar bit) and almost out of fleece to spin, but neither is on the order of impending doom. I have other things to start knitting but not much push to do so. I haven't warped either loom yet, but will pr'bly warp them both sometime this weekend. *shrug*

Work has been quiet, but I guess fairly productive. Or at least, I'm farther along on some projects that requires rather significant thought than I was before. Still haven't figured one of them out entirely, but it'll get there. I think.

Tonight I'm making truffles and rosettes for snacky bits for tomorrow night and a couple loaves of banana bread for brunchy bits Sunday. I'm also going to be trading a couple pairs of Addi turbos that I used once and not again and 6 dozen mint truffles for 9 skeins of Noro Lily, so I'll pr'bly be making truffles again Monday. Need to stop and get the chocolate and more cream and butter this afternoon.

Yup. Time to make coffee and then more presentation graphs. And at some point I need to actually write out an outline for the Pivot Table "class" I'm doing at the end of January.

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