14 October 2005


So, after at least six weeks and pr'bly more like eight weeks of next to no real exercise, I finally got off my butt and started running again yesterday. I took it easy, but didn't step back too much from where I was in the running plan* - run 3 minutes, walk 4 minutes, four repetitions. And I have to admit to less muscle soreness than when I started from scratch in June, but it's still somewhat of a shock to be stiff and sore after just 1 workout. *sigh* But, at least I started again. Next week I should be up to 3.5 minutes running, 3.5 minutes walking, five repetitions. I may stay there two weeks, though, depending on how quickly my endurance comes back and whether I actually also start adding in twice-weekly swim workouts.

*I run using a plan designed around a 7 minute block. In the first weeks, you run 1 minute, walk 6 minutes, repeat 4, 5, 6 or 7 times depending on your available time and stamina. Each week you add 30 seconds to the run portion and subtract 30 seconds from the walk portion. When I stopped, I was at 4 minutes running, 3 minutes walking, and five repetitions.

Birch was not, in fact, royally messed up. At least not when I last left you. I did manage to reverse the pattern for three repeats at the beginning of a row and then knit the rest of that row and the entire purl row after and start the next knit row before realizing it. Fortunately, the rows are shorter now, so tink back stitch-by-stitch was not nearly so painful as it could have been had I been so absentminded near the beginning. I'll try to get some good pics this weekend; my camera has been annoying me lately (can't set the card to take lower resolution pictures without it automatically turning off the flash regardless of the light level and nothing (except resetting it to take higher resolution pictures) lets me turn the flash back on).

There is a single fly that has been alternatively absent and annoying in my office all week. He will die today. As soon as he gets off my number pad.. wouldn't do to kill the keyboard at the same time.

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