06 October 2005

Checklist for the weekend

Okay.. I think I'm just about ready for this weekend.

My clothing is largely packed. I need to drop the linen underdress that was in the dryer into the bag, but that should be everything. I even remembered my slippers for when I just want to wandering about the hotel.

I need to pack up toiletries when I get home tonight. I also will want to shower.

The list stuff box is ready to go, with the exception of the extra trees I printed today. They'll get added, but will likely be largely unnecessary as I plan to bring the tablet (I have a grant proposal draft to work on in the car on the way to Pierre, and if I feel like being really antisocial I can watch the DVD for Declining by Degrees as well) which has the tree in Excel and Adobe Acrobat Standard for easy conversion and distribution of the final tree.

The list of things for the cooler has been compiled and everything that needs to be is in the fridge. This includes: something around 4 dozen non-alcoholic chocolate truffles (slightly more than half of which are cherry flavored and slightly less than half of which are creme de menthe flavored); something aroung a dozen and a half alcoholic chocolate truffles (made with Phillips Union Cherry Whiskey); a bag of baby carrots; a jar of bacon-ranch dressing for dipping said carrots in; two bags of ham slices; two bags of cheese curds; 4 bottles of honey porter; 1 bag dark chocolate peanut M&Ms. I should pr'bly grab a plate for the ham and a little bowl for the dressing. My flask is on the liquor cabinet and will need to get added to the outside pocket of the cooler. I may also throw in a couple cans of soda. My water bottle will just get carried along in the car.

I'll need to throw my book(s pr'bly - I'm reading Declining by Degrees and The Reckoning at the moment, and depending on whether I'm up for work-related or not I'll pr'bly want to have both available) and my knitting into the tablet bag when I get home. I also need to identify what all I'm going to need for the grant proposal draft and either save it to my tablet or bring it with me.

So that will mean I'll have my overnight bag, my briefcase/tablet bag, the list stuff box, a smallish cooler, and my camp chair. Hopefully that's not too much to fit into Josceline's car.. *fret*

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Dianora said...

Hey! Thought I might try making some truffles for next weekend (girls' SCA weekend - including the Laurel who just asked me to be her apprentice) and thought I'd ask which recipe you use - I've seen a bunch, but they don't sound like yours! Can you help?