14 October 2005

And.. I think.. it's a pattern..

So.. a few days ago I thought it would be neat to start doing double-face/double-turn tablet weaving again and I thought it would be really neat to start doing it on a practice piece that was relatively small. So no words, maybe an initial.. and then I remembered someone asking after a double-face/double-turn pattern for a compass rose. And, well, I've also been trying to figure out something neat but relatively small (as in not bulky) to give Katriona and Ingileif for helping me at the list table last weekend, so there we have a plan.

Except that the only pattern I could actually track down is a very old and very difficult to read scan of a Northwatch cover, which wasn't really clear enough to make out, much less follow. So I emailed Herveus and he didn't have a pattern, but he was willing to write one up. But I didn't want him to do that just for me - he's a busy many, after all - so I offered to do it myself if he'd provide some basic instruction for how to get started. Which he did. And which I followed.

So now, I have a pattern for a double-face/double-turn compass rose. And I have to admit it turned out better than I thought it would.

Now I just need to warp one of the looms and try it out. Right.

Did I mention that the pattern is 95 cards wide..? Not counting the border..? Guess I'm using the silk.

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