02 January 2007

Z is for zaftig..

I have to admit that this word is brand new to me, and I found it while strolling through another ABC'er's Z post and decided that it was a word I needed to know better. You see, I think it fits, and more importantly, the searches I've done to get a better feel for it keep turning up descriptions of it as an appreciation of women's cuves, and I think that fits my philosophy about the female image even more.

And while I'm not sure I'd ever make the Knitty.com pattern by this name, I will be running out to our new uber Barnes & Noble at some point to check out the book whose cover I linked to above!

And it seems I'll be ending my ABC-along participation in a similar fashion to how I started - a bit late, and without a photo actually in the post. Sorry!

1 comment:

Momo said...

Great word! I subscribe to wordsmith's word a day. You might be interested in that because lots of nifty words like that come my way.