28 January 2007


*stretch* Yes, I'm still here. I've been quiet mostly out of being busy at work and not wanting to spend any more time in front of a computer when I'm at home. There've been half a dozen thoughts that almost became posts last week, but I never managed to find the thought at the time I had a moment free in front of a computer.

That said, I turned the heel on the second stocking this afternoon and will likely have a good deal of the foot finished by the end of the evening. I'll post pictures once it's finished. I also need to add three inches to the leg of the first one because I missed an alteration in the directions posted a couple months ago. I'll likely talk about that process in a separate post and try to do it like a sort of tutorial since I'm essentially just cutting the stocking at the point I need to add the length, knitting in the extra bit, and then grafting the two pieces back together. At least, in theory. *smile*

It was an odd week, otherwise. We filed our taxes, which is usually a good thing (and this year is no exception), but then Friday night I lost a crown, which I don't think is ever a good thing. While I'm not in pain, I'm also not particularly looking forward to having it fixed (I'm terrified of the dentist; so much so that if the tooth weren't so sensitive to cold the way it is that I might consider just ignoring it), but I will. The timing is moderately fortuitous - a month earlier and we'd have ended up paying for it all out of pocket as we hit our insurance maximum last year when they redid the crown in front of this one; now we will only have to pay half of it out-of-pocket and we're in a more financially robust position to do so since we just got Jack's spring tuition reimbursment check and will have the tax return money in the next week or so.

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