28 July 2006

Signs of the apocalypse?

1. Last night, I gave in and we bought an air conditioner. I'm not fond of air conditioners - there's just something that doesn't sit right in my mind about spending so much money to modify one's environment for personal comfort. Part of it is a sort of half-hearted we-did-this-to-ourselves response for having so polluted our environment that for several weeks or months of the year in what used to be perfectly tolerable climates we can't seem to survive. Part of it is disgust at the idea of using even more energy, which will add to the pollution, to ameliorate the effects of said pollution. Part of it is much more selfish - it's damned expensive to run an air conditioner.

But as much as I appear to be more heat and humidity tolerant than Jack, it became abundantly clear that I am not more tolerant of a consistently mopey and cranky husband. So I capitulated and we bought a 10,000 BTU air conditioner for the upstairs rooms, a second fan to help circulate the air around the three rooms upstairs, and a spring-tension shower rod and heavy duty plastic shower curtain to try to partition the stairs off so all the cool air wouldn't just rush downstairs (where it tends to stay naturally much cooler to begin with). So now, Jack sleeps better and promises that he'll be less cranky, but I wake up every hour from the fan noise and vague concerns about a skyrocketing electric bill. *sigh*

2. I managed to complete the cable on the first Rogue sleeve successfully.

3. Many people I know, myself included, had significant issues with technology this week. From relatively simple but inexplicable (and painful) lost documents or queries to entire systems crashing for no apparent reason to flooding server rooms to possibly weather-related, possibly technology-related cancellation of several flights out of O'Hare, it has not been a good week for technology. Nope. Not at all.

4. We have absolutely no plans for this weekend. None. Not even a vague plan to come into town for the Art Fair, or to wander up to Hoedown Days. Nothing.

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Momo said...

Nice sleeve!