02 July 2006

Good morning, America; how are you?

One of my favorite leftie bloggers, Respectful of Otters, is back after a short hiatus. Today's post on changes to Medicaid documentation policy is an excellent example of why I love this blog.

On some levels, Rivka and I share a lot of interests in common, but in so many others, she's an inspiration and in many ways a role model. She's real, for one; her writing is rarely simply rhetoric or posturing, but explanation and analysis of an issue as it effects real people, often the poor and/or homeless. She's compassionate without being weepy and passionate without being trite. She's strong in ways that most of us will never be tested, but instead of resting on her ego, she uses her strength to shine light on those issues effecting people who've been made weak by society.

I'm clearly tired, so I'll stop trying to be eloquent. I encourage you to go read what she has to say.

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