25 July 2006

"I don't know what I've been drinking, but I hope to Christ there's more"

I think Rogue is expressing its displeasure at being ignored for the last several months. I've knit one sleeve through the end of the cable chart, only to discover that I missed an essential instruction in the increase rows. I ripped it back to the turning row, started again, got about 12 rows before realizing that I'd missed a two decreases several rows back. Ripped it back again and decided enough was enough for one night.

In other news, I just got notification from Barnes & Noble that the books I ordered.. a couple months ago? are shipping. Yes, I knew they wouldn't ship until now when I placed the order, but I had a $25 gift card from MyPoints and knew that I wanted to get the next Harry Potter book in paperback, the last Gunslinger book in paperback, and the second of Jacqueline Carey's Godslayer series in paperback, and one or the other of them didn't print in paperback until this month (the Godslayer book, I think). Rather than pay extra shipping for books I wouldn't miss until now, I just had them hold the whole order until they were all available. Yea! Christmas in July! Now to plough through the rest of A People's History of the Supreme Court.. (Not going so well.. feels like I read this one already (which I have, just not in this format - I had an unofficial emphasis in American Constitutional History in college))

In yet other news, I've been contacted and asked to do Artisans Row at Boar's Head this year, which is nifty. I'm not sure yet whether we're actually planning to go to the event, but the fact that they sought me out to ask if I'd coordinate it again - especially with a solid four-plus months advance warning - is hopeful. I'm willing to shepherd this idea along for a little longer in hopes others will start to pick up the idea at other events I may or may not be able to attend. At least until something else catches my fancy. *shrug*

Right then.. off to try to get through the rest of Dred Scott..


Liz said...

Yay!! I thought Artisan's Row did really well last year and I'm glad to see that I was not alone in my opinion. I'll deffinately participate again.

Momo said...

Ah, Rogue, what a rogue! It's summer sweater knitting mojo. Something about it....

Cool about artisans row!