04 October 2006

It's Wednesday, right?

Huh. That means I don't need to come up with a clever title because Wednesdays are random.

I was reading (skimming, really) some of my blog list this morning and caught the phrase "daily allotted knitting time". I sort of miss that. I usually knit in the car on our commute (we carpool) but sometimes, more lately, if we're talking or something or it's getting dark I don't bother to get it out. This is at least partially due to the current project having so many cables that it requires some concentration. Which just means I need to ply the merino that's on my drop spindle so I can start the socks I want to make with it. Because (a) socks are more or less mindless, and (b) it's Socktoberfest or something. Oh, and because (c) I don't have any sock yarn in my stash.

Water aerobics is good for me. I think in addition to the obvious, it's also forcing my back to loosen up, which should make my next chiropractor appointment better.

My drum arrives tomorrow. I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm told it will arrive unassembled, though, and that our Lovely Instructor(tm) will need to keep it for a few days to stretch the heads and tie them down, but at least it'll finally be stateside.

I've been brewing lately. I think that's escaped mention here. But I have two gallons of cider started, a gallon of Concord grape & mixed berry wine, and 5 gallons of Scottish 80. The cider and wine will need to be racked in another week or so and the beer will get bottled possibly as early as this weekend. I also have a kit for Winter Warmer that I'll pr'bly start in the next week or two.

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Sara Skates said...

NO sock yarn in your stash? holy cow. That situation needs to be fixed...yum re the brewing!