29 September 2005


So, I'm having a hard time keeping track of all the little thoughts and ideas that keep whipping about inside my little skull. Things like "Do I want to spend $40 on novelty gifts for Their Royal Majesties and Theier as-yet-unknown Royal Highnesses?" and "Would it be worth it to post signs around campus advertising custom, hand knit socks as possible holiday gifts?" and "I really need to follow up on the Student Tracker option through the National Student Clearinghouse." and "I should block out time on Sunday to finish the alterations on the cotehardie I want to wear for Crown." and "The CDS forms should pr'bly be distributed soon." and "Need to find time to catch up on news - DeLay? Brown? Do I need to vote October 4?" and "Will Birch be finished in time for me to wear to the holiday party this year, and if so, do I want to get a new dress - I really need a new little black dress anyway - to wear with it?" and "I need to make the truffles into truffle form tonight, not to mention vacuum and change the sheets." and "When did my boss say she wanted me to have a proposed budget prepared?" and "Margaritas sound good."

There are more. But those are the ones currently closest to capture-speed.

Yes, Birch is coming along quite nicely. I think I'm through three pattern repeats now - haven't had as much knitting time this week as I've driven in twice (Monday because Jack was sick and today because I'm going to be here late) - and it's gorgeous and soft and beautiful and I can't wait until I can wear it. The ladies at the stitch-n-bitch yesterday were suitably impressed and petted the yarn and oohed and ahhed, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't just because it was my first time there. The KSH was initially troublesome, but I've figured out it's tricks now and haven't had to correct an error in at least the last three rows, so we'll count that as success. *grin*

My office is a sty. Granted, it's considerably more functional now than when I inherited it, but it's still not really *functional*. My filing system is really just stacks of things because I haven't had time and energy at the same time to go through what's left of the files I inherited and make them my own. So those that are my own are just.. stacked.. precariously at the moment. There's also that little bookshelf of Really Old Stuff(tm) that I really just need to pull out of the binders and recycle. We are, apparently, really (maybe) moving upstairs, so that might provide the impetus to get around to it. At least, it might if I can knock down the to-do list sufficiently that I won't be neglecting something else more than I should to do it. Oh. Art. I still need to figure out what art I want on my office walls, too. I wonder if Ursula still has the alphabet prints.. though something.. well.. more .. numbers or patterns than letters might be more appropriate. Escher is just so.. done, though. And I've never been fond of fractals and the like. I need to find some good prints of naturally occuring fibonacci sequences (sequenci?), I think. Something clever but still pretty.

The cold has, mercifully, been short lived. I slept well last night, even if I did manage to pick up a muscle-unhappiness in my lower right shoulder, and have not needed any kind of medication so far today and am not terribly stuffy. There is Gunk(tm) both in my upper sinuses and the back of my throat, but it's not.. well, doing anything. As in it's not obstructing my breathing or trying to creep (noticeably) into my lungs. Here's hoping this signals the end. Of course, Jack thinks that anything in a margarita will kill whatever's left, so I should be all good after tonight. *smile*

This random ramble has been brought to you by the color Octuran and the number z.

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