22 September 2005


This week can be over now. Really. I won't be offended if it decides to skip tomorrow and end a day early. Even if it means we have to miss what will undoubtedly be a good time at friends' wedding tomorrow night.

I found out, through my husband's cousin, who also works at the University, that my praises have apparently been touted loud and clear. our interim dean of students has apparently been telling any of his staff who'll listen about "the 45 minute report," which was neither a report nor delivered in 45 minutes. Okay, well it might have been delivered in 45 minutes. But all he asked for was some simple trend data in a chart he could put into PowerPoint; I already had the data pulled in a table in Excel, so it was a matter of mere seconds to create the table. But this apparently impressed him Mightily(tm), so now there are all these folks on campus who want to talk to me about what data I might have that they might be able to use. Which is terribly flattering and quite what I'd wanted to have happen - the getting the word out that I'm here and responsive and all that - but this week.. yeah. I could have done without the three meetings to talk about non-urgent projects. But in some ways they've been nice distractions and have pr'bly kept my eyes from bleeding right out of my head from staring at numbers on the screen all day. Oh, and NSSE.. yes.. consortial questions should not be an issue to get territorial over, folks. Really. You don't get to include your question? You weren't planning to use the comparison data from the other schools anyway, so just survey your students directly and spare the rest of us the histrionics.


It doesn't help any that my sole knitting related project this week was a complete and utter failure. Twizlers whips simply should not be knit with. Sure, sure, everything goes fine and dandy, and after about the third try, you finally figure out how to join in a new strand without utterly destroying the previously finished work, but then you get almost to the end and it all just falls apart. *sigh*

But at least I get to wear the really, really pretty (and have I mentioned terribly comfortable) top that Birdkiller made for me for Rae's wedding again. I've discovered that worn with a plain black skirt or pair of dress pants (or I imagine even jeans.. might have to try that..), it looks smashing. And it's fun and pretty and makes me feel good. So I'm wearing it to the wedding tomorrow. With the wrap and the purse, because the purse simply must get more face time.. Yes, yes. All is right and well in the wardrobe area at least.

Oh, and Phillips Union cherry flavored whiskey..? Not terrible. Not something to drink straight (tastes like slightly contaminated maraschino cherry juice), but mixes *fantastically* with Cherry Vanilla Dr. Pepper. And I'm thinking that the next batch of truffles will have to use it instead of scotch.


mamacate said...

See, ya gotta be careful about that whole being good thing. It bites me in the butt on a regular basis. :) Don't want word to get out. ;)

It is fun, though, to watch them come to you and treat you like the Oracle of Delphi. More virgins, please! Okay, maybe not. But I do work for chocolate.

Sorry about the licorice. Sara and I played with some in the Adirondacks and it was harder to knit with than I thought. It held a chain stitch beautifully, but I wasn't so sure about the thong. Too bad. Brilliant idea.

Teej said...

Oh, yes, definitely chocolate. Though our former-main-sort-of-still-really assessment guru has figured out he can buy me with tomatoes from his garden, too. *grin* He has these little sun golds that are the size of a cherry tomato and *SO* good.. mmm..

The licorice was still fun, and I still gave it to the bride, after explaining what I'd intended to do. She promptly started offering the other guests at the bachelorette party pieces of her "panties". *grin*