25 September 2005

Lazy weekend..

I took many naps this weekend. It was good. And apparently much needed. It's my last quiet weekend in the next several so it was good to relax some.

I also started on Birch.. I have to pay more attention to it than I expected I would - the Kidsilk Haze is so fine that I've found that I catch miscellaneous strands when I don't want to. I also had to learn the trick of pulling down slightly on the work while doing the K2tog TBL or that second loop is near impossible to grab. But it's going fairly well - I'm one pattern repeat (8 rows) in with only a few minor mistakes that were relatively easy to repair.

Also made a batch of scotch truffles using the Phillips Union cherry whiskey in place of scotch. The cherry is fairly subdued, but overall I think they're still tasty. They're chilling in the fridge now and I'll scoop them either tonight or tomorrow and roll them in cocoa to have ready for next weekend.

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dread_ex said...

I hope some truffles make it to NRA.